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77A, "Hristo Botev" blv, fl. 3
Sofia 1303, Bulgaria
Tel./fax: 359 2 931 24 00
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Mob. tel.: 0887 705 325

77A "Hristo Botev" Blvd., Fl. 3,
Sofia1303, Bulgaria

Phone:  +359 2 931 24 00
Mobile.: +359 893 414 404, 
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 Over 36 procurements are met by the Company.

Some of them are:

“Organizing and conducting of scientific forums, including the International Conference, Scientific Seminar, Training Seminars, Round Table and Workshop“under the Project INERA FP7-REGPOT-2012-2013-1-Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union"
Contract №15 / 09.07.2015
Employer: Institute of Solid State Physics – Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS)

"Organization of trainings and performing activities on information and publicity of the following Lots: OP1 "Training in key competences" and OP2 "Providing information and publicity" under the Project "Training for the qualification and competence of employees in the Municipality of Bolyarovo for better administrative services ", Contract № M13-22-81 / 05.08.2014, funded by /OPAC/ 2007-2013and co-financed by the EU through the ESF" Contract: 01/29/2015
Employer: Municipality of Bolyarovo

"Increasing the professional competence and effectiveness of personnel of Municipality of Strelcha through training" under the Project "Improving the professional competence and effectiveness of officials from Municipality of Strelcha through training" approved for funding under Contract №9 M13-22-118 / 06.08.2014, on the Operational Programme "Administrative Capacity", co-funded by the European Union through the European Social Fund, the Priority axis 11 "Human Resources Management", Sub-priority 2.2 "Competent and effective public administration" budget line BG051P0002 /13/ 2.2-14.
Contract №44 / 04.02.2015
Employer: Municipality of Strelcha

"Provision of logistic services, organization of trainings, information events and round tables” under the Project: “Innovative transfer of entrepreneurial and business skills in the tourism sector, performed under Contract №BG 051PO001-7.0.07-0263-C0001 from 04.19.2013, concluded with the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, through the General Directorate "European Funds, International Programmes and Projects" for granting financial assistance under the OP “Human Resources Development”, operation BG051PO001-7.0.07 “Without borders””, Component 1- Phase 2 and the Beneficiary - University of National and World Economy, Sofia"
Contract №322 / 2014
Client: University of National and World Economy

Promoting of Project: "Our children are our responsibility - creation of complex of residential services for children and youth, aged from 3 to 18 years in the Municipality of Ruse, among the direct target groups, interested institutions and the general public"
Contract № 14 on /28.02.2014
Client: Municipality of Ruse

"Implementation of measures for information and publicity for Project "Modernization of the integrated water-cycle of the town Peshtera: “Completion and rehabilitation of existing water supply and sewerage network and construction of wastewater treatment plants, town of Peshtera"
Contract №DOG- 52 / 03.07.2013
Client: Municipality of Peshtera

"Providing activities for information and publicity during the implementation of Investment project № DIR-51011116-9-43 "Completion, reconstruction and rehabilitation of sewerage network and construction of the WWTP Krichim ", financed by the Cohesion Fund of the European Union from the State budget of the Republic of Bulgaria through Operational Program "Environment 2007 – 2013” and the budget of the Municipality of Krichim "
Contract № RD 16-08-15 / 11.27.2012
Employer: Municipality of Krichim

"Implementation of measures for information and publicity for the Project "Improvement of Water supply and Sewerage system of the town of Lovech".
Contract №: 9 / 09.21.2012
Employer: Municipality of Lovech